Smart Power Electronics is OEM-partner for industrial electronic products and -solutions.


According to your demands we develop and manufacture in your order, under your brand name and appropriately to your ideas. In the OEM-sector we are able to concentrate entirely on your wishes and needs.

As your crucial profit we will develop and manufacture as a one-stop-shop at your request. So a reliable and quick project handling is guaranteed in each duty cycle.

Highest quality always has priority for SPE. Out of conviction we concentrate on small and medium quantities and thus can take care of a maximum individuality and quality of the single product.

Solving extraordinary problems is animating us. Please issue a challenge to us! 



  • Offer of the entire supply chain until the ready-made product as one-stop-shop
  • Offer of single sub processes, e.g. pure EMS-service or pure development tasks
  • Concept creation
  • Project management
  • Development of soft- and hardware
  • Assembly of electronic devices and mechanical components


Top priority industries 

  • Power engineering
  • Automotive, particularly special- and commercial vehicles
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Defence
  • Aviation