Supply for our Smart!wind inverter

You can obtain our inverter as end customer in specialist shops at:


logo braun Windturbinen GmbH


e.g. for self builder, hydropower
and Mini-CHP customers


Several manufacturer and marketer of small wind turbines have already tested their products successfully with the Smart!wind and now provide their wind turbines in combination with our feed-in converter:


Braun Windturbinen with the Antaris-series

logo braun 


RS-Energietechnik with Windspot 3.5 and 7.5

logo rs


LS-Stoker with Windspot 7.5


KD-Stahl und Maschinenbau with Amperius VK250



PSW with EN-Drive

psw logo


Easywind with Easywind Island



Heyde Windtechnik with Heywind 5.0



Luvtec with Windforce 10



Step Energy Systems with V2GL



Johannes Hübner Giessen



 More manufacturer are testing and will follow soon!