Idealism coupled with honesty – this is signified by Smart Power Electronics.

For us technical innovations are not an end unto themselves. They always must be an improvement to human beings and environment.

We collaborate on a clean future worth living. We use the economic opportunities of the changing energy sector to ensure forward-looking jobs in a healthy company.

We prefer staying in an open and brisk dialog with our customers to recognize their needs as soon as possible and to be capable of developing new products according exactly to our principle:
Ideas become products.


SPE and sustainability

  • Commitment to education
  • Long-living products, developed and produced in Germany
  • Full concentration on quality and customers’ needs
  • Flexibility, reliability and service
  • Aspiration for stable, resilient and fair customer relations
  • A strong customer orientation, because if the customer is successful with our products we will succeed as well!


SPE and renewable energies

  • Renewables are our core topic. We want to protect and preserve the global resources by innovative technology.
  • We develop technologies and products enabling access to energy and communication even to the “developing countries” (island systems, energy container).


SPE and electromobility

At the moment electromobility is still a pie in the sky for SPE. However we are capable and willing to enter into this sector in the foreseeable future.


SPE and its commitment to encouragement of wind energy

Smart Power Electronics is

  • co-operator of the demo wind farm for small wind turbines “Marschwind” (Kleinwindpark AE&SPE GmbH).
  • member of the BWE (Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. = Federal association of wind energy) and of the BVKW (Bundesverband Kleinwindanlagen = Federal association for small wind turbines).